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Don’t always assume that your roof is in good condition. You can easily forget about it until there is a problem. But this shouldn’t be the case. Pay keen attention to the warning signs before it’s too late. Here are the major signs that show you need to hire a roof inspection contractor in Pflugerville TX.

Peeling paint close to the ceiling

Peeling paint could be a major sign that all’s not well. If the paint near the ceiling is worn out or peeling, it shows that humidity has built up. This causes deterioration. It could also signal that water could be leaking through the ceiling into the rest of the house.


If the ceiling is sagging downwards, this is a danger sign. It shows that you need roof repair. It’s an indication that water and humidity have accumulated over time. This can damage the structure of the house covering, if not taken care of fast. It might also call for a total overhaul if the issue is not resolved quickly.


Examine if there are any signs of water, mold or mildew on the ceiling. These are indications that some kind of damage has been done. This leaves your attic and the rest of the house exposed to the outside elements.

Missing shingles

If you are missing some shingles, it could be a sign that you need roof repair or replacement. Also, if the shingles are worn out and have been damaged over time it’s not good. This can compromise the structural integrity of the building. Therefore, call for expert help as soon as you can.

After strong winds or a major storm

Big storms and strong winds can compromise the condition of your roofing, including hailstorms. Therefore, in case this happens, get it inspected asap. This can be days or even weeks after the bad weather.

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